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Dog and Puppy Training in Chelmsford, Basildon, Brentwood and across all of Essex

one to one dog training 

I'm Penny owner of It's a Dog's Life. I provide one to one dog training in your own home and offer bespoke solutions for owners to help with issues such as:

  • general dog and house training, including recall, loose lead walking, basic commands - stay, leave, sit etc.
  • behaviour issues such as excessive barking and whining, jumping up and biting, resource and food guarding
  • more complex issues such as separation anxiety and anxiety*

**Anxiety and separation anxiety in puppies and dogs is a highly complex issue that requires specialist help. If you believe your pet is displaying  signs of anxiety  or displaying fearful behaviour please don't hesitate to call me >
My training sessions take place in your home where I can assess what is happening first hand, where most behaviour problems take place. I encourage as many members of your family/household as possible to join the session. 

You can explain what problems you are experiencing with your dog or puppy and what you'd like to achieve from the training. Additionally we will look at nutrition, exercise and all aspects of your relationship with your canine family member.

Importantly, I will be able to observe your pet’s behaviour and the interaction between you both, as well as other members of your family.

dog training in progress: Penny helps Lexi the Hungarian Viszla

I'll give on the spot guidance and tuition to enable you to correct your dog's unwanted behaviour and can also help you with all basic obedience requirements, including recall, loose lead walking and basic commands such as sit, stay, leave etc.

My fees £55 per hour (plus travel if applicable) which includes a complimentary training guide. The number of hours/sessions required are dependent on the behavioural problems involved and the type of training required. 

I am happy to offer reduced rates for rescue dogs.

I follow up with an email covering topics discussed, information and useful links. Additionally I'm always at the end of the phone for you, in case you need further advice.

obedience and agility fun

As part of my follow up service we also provide an optional extra  one to one obedience and agility training sessions, based in Hylands Park in Chelmsford. 

Please note these sessions are only available for clients who have already had a one to one home.  

These sessions are really popular and spaces are limited. so please get in contact for more information.

The video to the right shows the fun tricks and agility skills I can help you teach your dog.

rescue dog training - helping your rescue dog settle into their forever home

These very special dogs can come into your life with an unknown background, and sometimes behaviour issues. I will work both with you and your new family member to overcome these and make yours his or her forever home.

I am happy to offer a discounted rate for rescue dogs.

I recently worked with Sneezy (left), a beautiful ex-racing Greyhound from the Greyhound Trust Brentwood. Sneezy's new owners fell in love with her and I'm sure they'll give her a forever home.

Penny came highly recommended and I can see why. In one morning she worked wonders with both us and our rescue dog. I feel much better equipped to work with our dog, and would not hesitate to call her again as and when we need more help.

Marrianne - Chelmsford

Penny has really helped me understand my rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Max (right). She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and educated me on nutrition. The clicker training has given me an effective and consistent training aid and I aim to have Max performing all sorts in no time! Look forward to the recall and obedience sessions in Hylands Park and seeing how far Max can go!'

Alex & Matthew - Chelmsford