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Dog and Puppy Training in Chelmsford, Basildon, Brentwood and across all of Essex

dog and puppy training in Basildon, Essex - fun, fast and effective methods

I’m Penny and I'm an experienced dog and puppy trainer covering Basildon and surrounding towns. I have been around dogs all my life and simply couldn't envisage life without them.

With more than 20 years experience of training dogs, I can help you get the best out of your dog, helping to develop a fantastic relationship with your canine best friend, based on trust and mutual respect; not fear.

I am a Canine Behaviourist and an advocate of clicker training. Here are some of the services I offer for you and the dog in your life:

Dog Training and Puppy training Chelmsford, Essex
For your peace of mind I have a Canine First Aid qualification, Full Police Disclosure Certificate and we also have specialist insurance for Custody, Care and Control of your dog

how to have a well-behaved dog?

it's a dog's life is the answer 

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What an eye opener Penny was when she came to see us about our dog Bailey. She was open and honest and made us see where we were going wrong. We have total faith in her methods and everything she said made perfect sense. We are booked to meet her at Hylands for an obedience/agility session to show her how Bailey has progressed using the clicker method that she showed us. If you need help with your beloved dog then don't hesitate to contact Penny.

Suzanne - Basildon

After meeting Penny, training our Tibetan Terrier pup has become so much clearer and effective. Her advice focuses on consistency and a whole family strategy. Penny spent over 2 hours with us until we felt confident following the ideas and training commands she had suggested. Through modelling and detailed explanation, Penny was able to put us on a positive path, on which we are now further along. Within the first few days we started to see huge improvements with walking on the lead and recall. I cannot recommend her enough.