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Dog Training and Puppy training Chelmsford, Essex
Dog Training and Puppy training Chelmsford, Essex
Dog Training and Puppy training Chelmsford, Essex
Dog Training and Puppy training Chelmsford, Essex
Dog Training and Puppy training Chelmsford, Essex
Dog Training and Puppy training Chelmsford, Essex

it's a dog's life - dog training

Dog and Puppy Training in Chelmsford and across all of Essex

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After meeting Penny, training our Tibetan Terrier pup has become so much clearer and effective. Her advice focuses on consistency and a whole family strategy.

Penny spent over 2 hours with us until we felt confident following the ideas and training commands she had suggested. Through modelling and detailed explanation, Penny was able to put us on a positive path, on which we are now further along.

Within the first few days we started to see huge improvements with walking on the lead and recall.

I cannot recommend her enough.

Louise Sage

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Dear Penny

I would like to thank you for our consultation re our naughty Yuki white German shepherd.

The advice you gave was invaluable and walking without being pulled over is now a regular.

Yuki is much better behaved and recall is excellent as well.

I would highly recommend your services to other dog owners

A massive thank you to you 

Kind Regards

Pippa and family

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Dear Penny.

I am writing to say how impressed we were with our visit from you. Our life with Blu has changed so much after your visit.

You have put us on the right track to making our lives and Blu's so much better. We used to dread taking him out although we knew we had to but with the halti that you advised us on he is absolutely brilliant to walk.

He is taking notice of the commands which are now in place. I would like to say I can't recommend you enough.

Once again thank you so much.

                        Lisa and Andy 

Hi Penny

Things are so much better with Mac! I can't tell you what a difference seeing you has made!

The kids are really happy that he doesn't bite them anymore and he is much calmer because he isn't being told off all the time!

Happy dog = happy family!!

We go to Hylands every day now and he loves it!

Thanks again for all of your help! X



Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Hi Penny,

It was lovely meeting you too.

Thanks for all the really positive information, it's like having a magic wand.

They have both got it really quickly.  I got them a frisby that lights up, which is  two fold, they have learnt to run after it and bring it back for their reward, plus lots of exercise.

The halti works like magic, Ben has got it really quickly and he was the one who pulling, Belle is walking nicely on the lead.

They love the antler chews, and I bought a small body bag for their treats plus using the clicker it is all working well.

Looking forward to the 10th, thanks again Penny.


Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

''Even though we only saw Penny twice she massively helped by training us on how to get our 7 month old toy poodle Lola to stop jumping up, stay, wait and do recall consistently.

Penny's practical yet effective approach are testament to the fact we only had to see her twice.

We would highly recommend her and are delighted with the quick results''.
Clare and John

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

''Penny is amazing! There is no other word to describe her. In the two sessions we had with her, our lovable but misbehaving boxer, Stevie, has learned to come when called and will stop on command even when he sees other dogs!

Penny was brilliant. 

At the first session she took the time to discuss all parts of Stevie's life and her recommendations meant that from the very next day, Stevie was already better behaved. I am so grateful to Penny and I would recommend her 100%''

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

I was having behavioral problems with my young Bully (English Bull Terrier) Doris, whose barking was annoying not just us but the neighbors as well!

She was also anxious and jumped at us and visitors, so we asked Penny to help us.

Penny asked for the whole family including the children to be there for the consultation. We were very impressed with the time she took to understand how the family operated and how Doris fitted in.

We explained the problems we were having and Penny came up with clear, positive advice as to how to resolve them ourselves. We are delighted with the results and things are improving by the day.

We’ve arranged to meet Penny again in a park, so she can help us with recall.

I would highly recommend Penny’s services and thought the fee was more than worth the money.

Jane Chelmsford

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Hi Penny!

Thanks for the list and attachment.

Milly is doing so much better.  She is going for a wee outside I’m still doing the lead and treats as you showed us.She is a clever girl she waits for me to get the bag of treats to take in the garden before she lifts her bottom off the ground!

I bought new toys as you suggested and have been playing tug of war with them both and they love it.  I now call Milly off of Buster distracting her with a toy and it works every time.  I’ve not had to shut her out yet so it’s all great!

Thank you so much. 

If you can let me know when your classes are and where abouts that would be great!


Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

My husband and I bought a Miniature Dachshund puppy and knowing how stubborn the breed can be, we thought we should try to train him as early as possible. We found Penny online, arranged a home visit and during the first session, Penny sat with us and spent a lot of time trying to understand both ours and Henry's habits before starting the practical training.

As we started the training when Henry was only 4 months old,  our initial aim was to master some basic obedience (walking on the lead/sit/recall/toilet training) and most importantly, to get him out of the habit of playful biting. With good, sound advice, we have made so much progress with Henry!

Many thanks to Penny for providing us with the expertise and techniques to work with Henry and for the ongoing support. We would highly recommend Penny to anyone looking for an experienced and helpful dog trainer!

Charlotte and Joe

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

I would like to thank you Penny for the help and support that you’ve given me concerning my new puppy ‘Bear’.

Bear was becoming hard to be around as his biting was becoming unbearable.

My son had found you on the internet and thank god he did. You worked wonders on him. He’s a pleasure to be around and to play with now.

You’ve followed up with text messages and emails of support and information on foods, techniques and educational links for information with dealing with puppies. You’ve helped me buy the correct size and helped fit Bear with his halite (head collar) and seat belt harness and now we are going to carry on with obedience training which I am very much looking forward to. Thank you again.


Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

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